KickStart Delivery

Targeting the unemployed and long-term unemployed (LTU)
Identification of local employers with growing businesses & projects that needed to be progressed
Mentoring of individuals & liaising with employers
Matching of candidates with projects/employers
Provision of lead in training – ICT & social media, communications, project working – customised individual training identified by candidate & employer – e.g. management of databases, CAD, barcoding for food products
Placement – on-going liaison between participant & employers
Lead out actions
– Linkage to further education & training
– Jobs – preparing the candidates to present themselves in a different way – new skills – new experience
– Maximising new contacts
– Internships
– Self employment e.g. food business

Course Content

Module 1: Personal SWOT Analysis
• Identifying Transferable Skills
• Individual Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats assessments
• Job Search Tools – Traditional CV & Letter Writing
Module 2. Communications
• Basic Communication Skills
• Presentations and Public Speaking
• Self-Presentation for Work Readiness
Module 3. Project Management, Placement & Selecting further Training
• Goal Setting
• Seeking Feedback
• Workplace relationship building behaviours
Module 4. Job Seeking in the Digital Age
• Online resources for job search
• Use of Apps
• CV
• Interview Preparation
Module 5. Project Placement (Group Session Q&A)
Project Setting and Mentors
Placements (TBC)
If you are interesting in joining the next KickStart Programme, please ring KLP Development Officer: Alison Iremonger 056 7752111 or Mobile: 086 0244336