Your C.V.

A One Page CV you CANNOT be serious?  In a word, Yes!

Not all C.V.s are on one page… some of the best ones are.

This may seem a little strange, given that the CV is supposed to tell a prospective employer all about who you are and what your skills are. How can you fit all of that on one page?

You can’t! Neither could you fit it all on two pages, or five pages or even into a book.

You may have a vast range of experiences, all of which have crafted you into the person you are today. Some will be professional, but many character building experiences will be from voluntary roles, team participation, sports, reading the newspaper, discussing things with friends and in general – living.

It is not possible to convey all this information in a C.V.

A C.V. is simply a marketing document designed to get you an interview.

Your C.V. must be honest and factually accurate

Like any marketing document, it must contain:

    All of your major selling points
  • Enough information to be credible – but no more

The first point is easy. The second point requires that you provide enough information to back up your assertion that you are up to the job. If you have a good academic record, it should be in the CV. If you are an extremely hard worker, provide the evidence.  Be concise and to the point, all else only dilutes your content.

You’ve got 30 Seconds

The recruiter will typically have received hundreds of applications, that’s a lot of CVs to sift through!

How long do they spend looking at your CV to decide whether it makes the “interesting” pile? 10 mins, 5 mins or 2 mins? The answer is no more than one minute and often 30 seconds or less! Not convinced? Imagine a recruiter received 100 C.V.s and spent 5 mins to read each one. That is 5 mins x 100 = 500 mins = 8.3 hours, the reality could be as low as 10 seconds.

Now, since your audience has such a limited amount of time to review your CV and make a decision, every moment of their attention is a precious commodity. You must ensure that they spend each of those thirty seconds reading and thinking about your selling points, not like things the qualities that make you a “well rounded” person.

You can download sample C.V.s by clicking on the following links

Sample 1 Page C.V.

Sample 2 Page C.V.